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FAQ’s… What are the 5 most frequently asked questions I get about coaching?

1) What is the difference between a therapist and a life/business coach?

Answer: The best way I can describe the difference is a therapist tends to lead their clients to hang out in the “past” focusing on identifying hurts and teaching them how to heal whereas a coach leads their clients to take a “toe dip” into past, long enough to identify what they embodied in childhood that won’t work any longer in adulthood, to then look at the present and ask “Is what I’m doing working for my future?”. A coach focuses on their client’s future and how to achieve their desired results quicker and more efficiently, while holding them accountable to follow thru with what they say they will do. A coach asks powerful and purposeful questions to create awareness, foster action and help create life-lasting change.

2) What is it about coaching that works?

Answer: It’s the unbiased accountability from a dedicated coach who is ONLY committed to your success. A coach will pick you up when you let yourself down and will lead you thru blueprints and mind chatter that are preventing you from success, in all areas of life and business. A coach believes in your success when life obstacles and business curve-balls try desperately to get you to fail. Having a coach who is fiercely committed to you achieving what you’ve set out to achieve is why coaching works.

3) How do I know coaching will work?

Answer: Coaching works only when the client is READY & WILLING to be open to change and willing to put the work into making those changes. There’s no magic pill for changing your life. It has to come from you, the person, willing to trust someone who only has your best interest at heart AND is willing to walk the journey with you… asking the hard questions our best friends aren’t willing to, picking you up when you don’t follow thru and continuously showing you the ways you keep yourself stuck. A good coach isn’t afraid to ask the tough questions that, if answered, has the potential to completely change your life.

4) Why is life and business coaching so popular?

Answer: Short answer… it works! Think about this… all great athletes and successful business men and women have coaches… why? Because without the outside perspective and unwavering dedication of an unbiased coach, they wouldn’t be where they are today- (which is successful!) Coach’s jobs are to lead their clients to success, whatever that is for each person. To know that when you are scheduled to speak to your coach he/she will ask if you completed what you said you would do… that alone is motivating enough to follow thru, which results in powerful growth. So, if success is a coach’s sole purpose, wouldn’t it make sense to surround yourself with someone who is dedicated to watching you succeed?

5) There are so many life and business coaches out there… how do I choose one?

Answer: When you are ready to make significant and lasting changes in your personal and/or your professional life, start searching for a coach that won’t be afraid to ask you questions that challenge your thinking and encourage you to step outside your Comfort Zone. The thing about your Comfort Zone is you’re comfortable in it. It’s your normal. It’s natural. It’s not scary. But it’s also holding you back … stopping you from exploring what’s really possible if you were to come from awareness instead of fear.

When someone is ready to take themselves and/or their business to the next level, they must be ready to step outside their Comfort Zone. Find a coach who guides you to do this and stretches you to think outside of what is currently comfortable so that you can see what’s possible… A good coach will kindly and compassionately ask questions that will, in essence, get you to think… in a way that will help you make decisions outside your Comfort Zone so you can grow, change and move to your next level!

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