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8 Steps to Creating Your Dream Team

The ultimate guide to creating your dream small business work team

There comes a time in a business owner’s journey, where they realize they can’t do it all.

They need help.  

Too Good To Be True?

They need to be able to build a team, who shares in their company’s vision and who are able and willing to execute their tasks, projects, meetings, and communication with professionalism and productivity

Sound too good to be true? I promise.  It’s not.


Or, what if you’re a business who already has a team and they are, literally, sucking the life out of you… Every. Single. Day.


The lack of focus or follow thru causes you an
enormous loss of time.

Their constant inability to communicate effectively and professionally leaves you on edge, daily.  What about their lack of motivation to take initiative or their inability to complete projects on time and without holding their hand...


Every. Step. of. The. Way. Are you exhausted reading this…?

Not to worry…

I’ve designed this course with all the weary, overwhelmed, and exhausted business owners in mind. 


Or the business owners who aren’t there yet but want to avoid getting there by being proactive in putting together a
hard-working, solid team now.   

I’ve got you!


A Trend…

In the years I’ve been coaching, I started noticing a trend with my business owner clients- they were constantly spending a huge amount of energy trying to effectively and efficiently manage their team…

It seemed that no matter what training they had or what 1-1 meeting they led, their team members seemed to consistently be unmotivated or confused about their role and their purpose…while needing constant reminders on how to complete tasks, when to have things done and how to get along in the process. 

These clients would come to their coaching calls just flat out exhausted (and irritated).  It got me thinking… “Putting together and then leading a team had to be easier than what they were experiencing… right?”


So, I designed the 8 Core Elements for Creating Your Small Business's Dream Team course.

8 Core Elements

I intentionally created this course with the 8 core elements ALL team members need in order to be a productive team within a company.  These 8 core elements came up in coaching calls so often, I knew they were necessary to put into a course…

These 8 core elements are simple to understand and easy to implement.  I designed it that way, intentionally.  To build a team that’s going to help build your company needs to be a task that any business owner can do, quickly and thoroughly.  Again, what business owner do you know has an enormous amount of time to invest in building their perfect-fit team?

Hence, why I made this course a micro-course…

Why a micro-course?

Because business owners who are ready to revamp their current team or need to build a team are busy!  They simply do not have the time to sit through long course videos and then work thru complicated worksheets.  

They just don’t.  So, I put the course together to ensure there is a  ton of pertinent and necessary info in short videos that can be viewed quickly… complementing the videos with easy to navigate worksheets and the business owner will have the essential, core foundational “ingredients” they need to build a sustainable, functional, cohesive, and professional team.

In this course, each participant will learn what the 8 core elements are needed to build a team that’s going to know their purpose, understand their roles, buy into the company's vision, take responsibility, communicate professionally, and be allowed to demonstrate their creativity and innovation.  Sound complicated?
Trust me… it’s not.


Is This For You?

If you can answer  “yes” to at least one of these questions, I can confidently say, “This course is for YOU!”

  • Do you juggle too many hats within your company?

  • Do the day-to-day responsibilities you take on to prevent you from working on “big picture” business building projects?

  • Do you find that you’re pulled in a zillion directions each day so by the end of the day, you have to ask yourself, “What exactly did I accomplish today?”

  • Does your current team require an exuberant amount of your energy…  Every. Single. Day?

  • Do your team members create division or chaos amongst themselves which, in turn, causes you to constantly intervene?

  • Do your team members consistently struggle with being go-getters, assertive, cohesive, and creative?

  • Does your team cause you more stress than good?

  • Do you find yourself wondering why your team behaves in such unprofessional manners?

  • Does your team often interact in an unprofessional manner towards your customers and clients?

  • If you were to take the week off, are you unsure your team will handle everything professionally, efficiently, and timely while you're gone?

  • Are you a business owner who knows it’s time to build a team but just don’t know how?

Did You Answer Yes?

If you answered “yes” to any of those questions, it’s time to decide… are you ready to build the most incredible team your company has yet to see?  Or are you ready to revamp your current team so they will have the ability to carry out your company’s vision and goals?

This course was designed for YOU.  The busy business owners who know it’s time.  Time to invest so you can grow.  Time to gain the knowledge needed to know exactly how to build an efficient, self-sustaining, and professional team... the first time. 

Time to look at your current team and ask yourself “Is this team living up to their full potential in helping this business grow?

This course is succinct, thorough, and purposeful.

A lot of thought was put into “how to” help you build a team that will cause fewer headaches and more revenue.  That’s what all business owners want; don’t they?

If NOW is the time to take a powerful step in investing a little to gain a lot, click on the link below. In one quick step, you’ll have access to the toolkit needed to make intentional decisions on how to place your perfect-fit team members onto your perfect-fit team.  Every day you wait is one more headache to endure or one more client you might lose.  Choose that today is your first step in designing your ideal team.  You’ve got this Business Owner.  I won’t let you down!

Click now and start the first day of your team building journey!

Get In

Module 1: Define the Right Team for your Company AND Assess you as a Manager/Leader

In this module, you assess the current work environment, define what type of team will best fit your company and assess you as a manager/leader 


Module 2: Designing your Company's Vision Statement

In this module, you will create your company's Vision Statement and learn how to use this statement as a guide for incorporating high-level team members into your company's work environment.


Module 3: Designing a System Specific for your Company

In this module, you will identify which systems you have and don't have, as well as identify which systems are working or not working.  You will be given a template on "how to" write systems that can be incorporated into your business structure and work environment


Module 4: Training Team Members to be 100% Responsible All. The. Time.

In this module, you will learn how to train staff and employees to show up to work, projects and events being 100% responsible for their actions, words and choice so as to bring personal responsibility into your workplace environment and culture. 


Module 5: Implementing Effective Accountability

In this module, you will learn how to hold your staff and employees accountable for their actions, words and choices which in turn allows for higher productivity and cohesiveness.


Module 6: Defining the Difference Between Expectations and Boundaries

In this module, you will learn the difference between Expectations and Boundaries and "why" it's important to understand both.  You will also learn "how to" implement boundaries that are in alignment with your company's Vision Statement and goals.


Module 7: Allowing for Creativity and Innovation without Micromanaging

In this module, you will learn the "why" behind allowing your employees/staff the opportunity to be creative and innovative as well as learn "how to" provide a professional workspace to do so.


Module 8: Nurturing Connection through Communication

In this module, you will learn the value of "how to" connect with your team and "how to" teach your team to connect with each other so as to be the most efficient and productive as possible. You will learn different modes of "how to" communicate effectively.


What People Are Saying About The Course


Madeline Shelton,
Owner of Bontanica Muse

Barbara Maisonet is a leader in the field of business coaching. She has the unique ability of putting people at ease through her concise explanations that explain the how and why systems work in streamlining a business. Barbara’s 8-Steps to Building a Dream Team mini-course lays out a blueprint of how to establish a system within one’s business. I recommend her course to anyone looking for a cost-effective solution that will change the functionality of their business. 


I thought the course had a lot of helpful information! I do think it would be helpful to have a weekly follow up call/1:1 coaching for systems. I think it’s challenging to develop by oneself, even if there are step by steps. I could see this being an add-on service. 


Best wishes and thank you again,


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