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Bucket List | The Price is Right

One word can best sum up my experience of being (and winning!) on the Price is Right- Surreal. Who ever thinks they would be the one chosen to hear the infamous words "Come on down... you're the next contestant on the Price is Right!"And last Sept, it happened to me. I heard my name... and came on down... but not before I face-planted (on national television, mind you).

Yep. You heard me.I bailed, face first. And then popped right up and kept on playing the game... because that's what a good contestant does, right?? Being on the show was a dream come true. Literally. And having had this experience, I truly am grateful for the opportunity.

It's a once in a lifetime opportunity to even be on the show... but to win? Come on now... who does that happen to? This time, it was me. Oh... and btw, everyone at CBS was amazing! From Drew, to the models, to the producer (who came over and asked if I was ok after I took a spill), to the crew, to the prize department... everyone was so kind and excited for me and overall, made the experience one I'll cherish forever!

Feeling blessed (and still in shock) that it was my turn to "come on down!"

price is right

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