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Letting Go…

Things coaches hear (more often than not):
“But… If I let this go, then I’ll have to change… which is hard.”
“But... If I let this go, there’s the risk it won’t get better so I’d rather stay put and tolerate it.”
But… If I let this go, then how would I know what to do instead?”

Oftentimes, our current reality about a particular area of our life doesn’t line up with what we really, really want in this area. Ever wonder why?

Why do we tolerate “less than” or “good… enough” when the possibility of having exactly what we want could be an option too?

Here’s why… Because the act of letting go of (an expectation or a habit or a complaint or a hurt or a disappointment, etc.) requires facing what happens after that. (Let that sink in). See… so long as we hold onto what we should be letting go of, we don’t have to actually face “how to” get to what it is we really want. We can, instead, stay comfortable. (But are we content? Satisfied? Happy?)

If we fiercely hold onto to that area of life that causes anxiety or stress or arguments or disconnection then we don’t have to put in the effort or energy or time or hard work into taking the steps needed in order to actually get what it is we want. (Sucker punch anyone?)

Now that we’ve had a dose of reality… here’s are a few ways to begin considering when it comes to whether or not it’s worth it to NOT. LET. GO.

  1. Up until now, NOT letting go has served you (or you wouldn’t be doing it). How has white-knuckling, fiercely hanging onto this area served you?

  2. Up until now, what impact to your health, well-being, or personal/professional growth has NOT letting go had on you AND your relationships? Is there a greater risk to your future to NOT let go than there is TO let go? (Are you willing to wait until the end of your life to answer that question?)

  3. Up until now, what are you no longer willing to tolerate that ultimately will get in the way of you leaving the legacy you want to leave?

Bottom line: It’s easier to NOT let go. But is easier going to bring you the results you want?

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