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The art of pausing…

So, here I am on vacation… again. “Awwww… the life,” one might say! It’s actually a purposeful choice I make often to go on vacation. You see, waking up each morning only steps from the crashing waves isn’t a bad way to spend a few days now is it? In fact, it’s quite magical… but, also, very deliberate. To purposefully engage in the act of pausing your life, from the hustle & bustle, is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself and those around you. Yep, you heard that right! To physically get away and unplug allows for a kind of clarity and peace that only occurs when you GET AWAY. (Note: “Get away” can be defined as any place where you aren’t connected to anything or anybody that will distract you).

Here’s why…

Daily life is busy. You have “to do” lists. You have obligations. You have meetings, appointments and calls. Never mind all the cooking and cleaning and organizing and living that needs to be done somewhere in between all this. How is one even able to think clearly if one is busy being busy?

To take it a step further, as a business owner, you are the common denominator in everything to do with your business… the marketing, the budgeting, the decision making, the calling, the negotiating, the peace making, etc, etc… Where in all this, is there an opportunity to clearly pause, reflect and brainstorm? Where is there time to even be “out of the box” creative? How can you even get outside the box when the box is stock full of the daily check-off items that need to be completed?

Here’s the solution… and it’s simple. Schedule a vacation at least once every 6 months. Period. A vacation where you unplug from the phone & computer and unwind. A vacation where the agenda items include rest, relax, rest and relax some more. You see… something happens when you allow your body and mind an opportunity to purposefully stop and this something only occurs when you are AWAY. Your heart isn’t surrounded by busyness. Your mind isn’t wrapped up in deadlines and commitments.

And then… it happens…

You become bravely bold.

Think with me on this… If the only thing on the agenda is whether or not you’re going to have a third cup of coffee or if dessert is a must, the walls of stress come down (at least while you’re away)… allowing the opportunity to bravely make choices that you wouldn’t, otherwise, have time to make. Perhaps, that follow-up phone call with a potential client would now get bumped up on the “to-do” list or the marketing idea you’ve had for a while but weren’t sure would work, would now be explored. See… once your remove yourself from the rotating “must do” list, a shift occurs in your Being… and you’re able to think outside the daily box… and that’s where the magic happens. You, all of a sudden, are brave enough to try something new. You’re confident enough to ask that potential client to hire you. You’re strong enough to re-arrange your priorities. You’re bravely able to decide to do things (when you get home because you’re on vacation now) that you wouldn’t ordinarily do. In fact, this happened to me yesterday while on a morning beach walk with my son… he’s running in and out of the water while I’m relaxed enough to appreciate the beautiful setting. And all of a sudden, I had at least 3 new business ideas that I decided to boldly work on once I returned home. Vacationing opens your heart to opportunities your mind isn’t able to see when it’s busy keeping up with day-to-day demands.

The purposeful act of pausing in the form of getting away (and unplugging) opens your heart to explore, see clearer and make more empowering decisions because you aren’t bogged down by daily actions you must complete. When you aren’t busy being busy, you’re heart and mind are able to think. And when you can think, outside the day to day grind, creativity, spontaneity and boldness come alive. It’s simple really. Get away and watch your life and, therefore, your business thrive. Make vacationing a priority and you’ll reap the benefits immediately, starting with YOU.

So, how do we accomplish this art of pausing?

Step One: Plan a vacation away (minimum 4 days).

Step Two: Plan another vacation 6 months later.

Step Three: Repeat step one & two (for the rest of your life!)

Want to thrive in both your life and business?

Get. Away. Period.

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