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As a biz owner, are you struggling with one or more of the categories mentioned below? 
If so… It’s time. To level-up. Let me help.

Business Owners,

when do you know it’s time to level-up?


Do you struggle with pricing according to your experience, value & worth?


Do you have solid professional boundaries you adhere to? Consistently?


Does your business have systems that keep things running efficiently & seamlessly while generating new leads consistently?


Do you know “how to” attract your ideal client, create customer loyalty and market strategically?


When it’s time to add a team, do you know “how to” build a solid, self- sustaining and productive one?

Interested in an individualized 1-hr business building coaching session? Sign up now for ONLY $149.

Speaking Engagements

There are no events currently scheduled. Check back soon for updates!

Do you need a speaker for an upcoming event, team building or small business gathering? Please fill out the form and let's discuss your needs.

Living at my best
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Listen to my interview with
Living At My Best 

I recently had the opportunity to speak with Donna Woolam at Living at my Best. Donna's says "I work with enthusiastic, motivated women who feel sidelined from achieving their dreams, and are ready to get started again." Check out her site to see the services she offers. And listen to our conversation below

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Meet Barbara Maisonet

Business and Life Coach Specialist

Hi!  I’m Barbara Maisonet, CEO and head coach at Barbara Maisonet Inc, a boutique Life and Business coaching firm based in sunny San Diego.

I like to share a story with you… (pull up a chair!)

In 2006, I was busy working an 8am-4pm job. My schedule was set.  My paycheck came every two weeks. I had great benefits. But something wasn’t settled within me. One day, I was on the phone with a dear friend from my college days (I went to Biola University graduating cum laude with a degree in Communications) and she mentioned a new up and coming profession- Life Coaching and thought of me.  Her words, verbatim, were “You can get paid to ask questions.” Instantly, I thought to myself… “Because I am, naturally, someone who is drawn to deep relationships and getting to the root of things, I now can build a business around helping people doing what I already do- ask questions!” And from there, what was unsettled in my soul, become clear… I would become a Life and Business Coach…

Work With Barbara








“Barbara is such a pleasure to work with! She has been a phenomenal coach and mentor. We have worked on multiple areas of my life: personal, financial, business, and love life! She is constantly striving to add value and bring all of her gifts and skills to the table. I can tell how much she cares and she shows it by stepping up to bat for me on every call and in between! She challenges me and supports me in such a gracious, but strong way. I highly recommend working with Barbara! ”

— Timothy Miller ND LAc MAc RA

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