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One Hour Introductory Strategy Session Call

This intro session’s sole purpose is to introduce the business owner to the power of business coaching… 

Designed for Exploration

This session is tailor-designed to allow the business owner an intentional opportunity to explore one specific area in their business that is not working at the level they want or need.

Example areas to explore could be (but not limited to):

Lead Generation Systems, Onboarding Processes, Client Retention, Marketing Strategies, Building a Team, Professional Boundaries,
Follow-up, Social Media Presence, Mindset Blocks, and others.

Together, on this call, we will explore, brainstorm, and discover what impact this area is having on your business AND then design specific-to-your-business action steps for you to get to work on immediately following your session.

This session will provide the business owner an opportunity to gain new awareness around an area where they are stuck  AND support their progress or growth, in this area, with tailor-made Action Steps. 


You will walk away with exactly what you need to do to change or grow the area you choose to explore.


If you are a business owner who knows it’s time to make changes for incredible growth, invest a little now to gain a lot... This session will launch you into an incredible business growth journey!

Launch My Growth Journey!
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