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Kindness- What does it really mean to BE kind?

Updated: May 17

It's so often said... "Show Kindness to others" or "BE kind to a stranger, a loved one, a employee/colleague or yourself", but have you ever actually defined what that means?

Better yet, have you ever identified what BEing kind includes (or doesn't include?)

These "kindness" phrases could be interpreted in so many ways yet quite often it's assumed everyone has the exact same definition as everyone else and that we all interpret "kindness" to look the exact same to everyone. What do these assumptions set us all up for? And, with all of these assumptions floating around, how can universal kindness be achieved?

In the quest to achieve kindness, let's begin by brainstorming what BEing kind should NOT include:

  • Avoidance

  • Harshness

  • Beating around the bush

  • Sugar-coating

  • Ghosting

  • Ignoring

  • Exemplifying extreme anger at someone

  • Pretending

  • Inauthenticity

Now test your assumption... If you were to NOT do these things, would you be kinder? Flip it around...If you were doing these things, would others describe you as kind?

Moving on... let's now brainstorm what BEing kind could include:

  • Doing something without expecting accolades, recognition or anything in return

  • Being truthful, even if it disappoints, offends or angers someone else

  • Genuine sincerity

  • Being authentically happy for someone else's achievements, successes or journey, even when it was something you wanted too

  • Gifting something just for the sake of giving a gift

  • Speaking honestly in a tone that demonstrates respect

  • Searching for ways to support others while it being a sacrifice to you

  • Creating boundaries and then following thru with them, regardless if others agree or like them

  • Refusing to become resentful or bitter when others do not show kindness towards you

Once again, test your assumption... If you were to do these things, would you be kinder? Flip it around...If you were doing these things, would others describe you as kind?

  • Imagine a world where we could all be on the same page, with the same definition, of what BEing kind means, looks like, includes and doesn't include...

  • Imagine how relationships would flourish

  • Imagine the level of connection generated

  • Imagine how respect would be incorporated into more lives

  • What do you think...  Can we come to an agreement on what it means to BE Kind? 

Let's get to work achieving this. What's the alternative if we don't?



If there was a universal definition to BEing kind, then how come there's so many different ways people interpret "how to" do it?

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