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Let's Celebrate One Another!

There are some that still ask “what is Galentine’s day exactly?” Well to answer that question you have to go to the origin of Galentine’s Day you say, where did it all start? A television show. Yes, Galentine’s Day started on Parks and Recreation but the origin is not really the important part as far as I can see.

The important part is that there is now a day established for all of us ladies to celebrate the important gals that are a part of our day-to-day life and friendships. If we've celebrated Valentine’s Day for 70+ years which is a Hallmark holiday, why can’t we make one up that celebrates the amazing ladies in our lives?

In acknowledgement of this fun, light hearted holiday we assembled a simple list of things you might be so inclined to do with your gal pals today, enjoy.

Craft Night

Don’t have plans for your girls tonight, but you want to do Galentine's day right? Easy, have a craft night with your gals. There are always tons of easy crafts on Pinterest to put together. A bottle or two of wine (or beer, or fancy cocktails, you know your girls best) and some indulgent dessert from your favorite bakery and you're ready for a night full of fun with the ladies that matter most in your life!

Not so Crafty? Dinner it is!

If you don't find crafting in your living room especially appealing, why not order in and invite all of your girls over to indulge in an impromptu meal and possibly a chick flick? I mean, ordering in keeps it nice and laid back without the fuss of dealing with a long wait time at a restaurant. You get to have a relaxed atmosphere to catch up with your peeps, and best of all none of you have to try and dress to impress. That way no one feels pressured and has more inclination to stop by and say hey!

Classy Date Night

Not into staying in tonight? Have kids, and a significant other and want to get out for a couple of hours with your best ladies? We understand, then maybe make a reservation at your neighborhood gathering spot and invite 2-3 of your best ladies? It's a great way to catch up and get a small, well-deserved respite from the home you love oh-so-much. Can no one pin down an exact time? No biggie, just text the destination and invite everyone to stop by your favorite lounge at a local hotel and keep it simple. Order some small plates and make it an open door policy night. No pressure, just an easy way to see all of your ladies in a comfortable, classy atmosphere. Most importantly one without the cutest little people in your life.

No Frills Necessary. Facetime anyone?

Don't have your besties close by today? Why not FT your best bud if you can't be together in person? Plan a date, share a glass of wine and reminisce over stories of yore when you used to live by one another and hang out every day. Life gets hard, people move and things change. Luckily, we have the technology to enable us to spend time face to digital face with our number one ladies on this fun day!

Just a Little Something…

Here is a small list of some of our favorite lady gifts.

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