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$149 coaching strategy session

$149 coaching strategy session


This is an initial coaching call for a 1 hour phone session. When you leave this call you will:

- Get clear on what's blocking you from following thru.

- Create awareness around fears and personal blueprints.

- Receive a strategic plan to complete your commitments and goals.


8 Core Elements

I intentionally created this course with the 8 core elements ALL team members need in order to be a productive team within a company.  These 8 core elements came up in coaching calls so often, I knew they were necessary to put into a course…



These 8 core elements are simple to understand and easy to implement.  I designed it that way, intentionally.  To build a team that’s going to help build your company needs to be a task that any business owner can do, quickly and thoroughly.  Again, what business owner do you know has an enormous amount of time to invest in building their perfect-fit team?


Hence, why I made this course a micro-course…

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Module 1: Define the Right Team for your Company AND Assess you as a Manager/Leader

In this module, you assess the current work environment, define what type of team will best fit your company and assess you as a manager/leader 


Module 2: Designing your Company's Vision Statement

In this module, you will create your company's Vision Statement and learn how to use this statement as a guide for incorporating high-level team members into your company's work environment.


Module 3: Designing a System Specific for your Company

In this module, you will identify which systems you have and don't have, as well as identify which systems are working or not working.  You will be given a template on "how to" write systems that can be incorporated into your business structure and work environment


Module 4: Training Team Members to be 100% Responsible All. The. Time.

In this module, you will learn how to train staff and employees to show up to work, projects and events being 100% responsible for their actions, words and choice so as to bring personal responsibility into your workplace environment and culture. 


Module 5: Implementing Effective Accountability

In this module, you will learn how to hold your staff and employees accountable for their actions, words and choices which in turn allows for higher productivity and cohesiveness.


Module 6: Defining the Difference Between Expectations and Boundaries

In this module, you will learn the difference between Expectations and Boundaries and "why" it's important to understand both.  You will also learn "how to" implement boundaries that are in alignment with your company's Vision Statement and goals.


Module 7: Allowing for Creativity and Innovation without Micromanaging

In this module, you will learn the "why" behind allowing your employees/staff the opportunity to be creative and innovative as well as learn "how to" provide a professional workspace to do so.


Module 8: Nurturing Connection through Communication

In this module, you will learn the value of "how to" connect with your team and "how to" teach your team to connect with each other so as to be the most efficient and productive as possible. You will learn different modes of "how to" communicate effectively.


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