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$149 coaching strategy session

$149 coaching strategy session


This is an initial coaching call for a 1 hour phone session. When you leave this call you will:

- Get clear on what's blocking you from following thru.

- Create awareness around fears and personal blueprints.

- Receive a strategic plan to complete your commitments and goals.


8 Core Elements

I intentionally created this course with the 8 core elements ALL team members need in order to be a productive team within a company.  These 8 core elements came up in coaching calls so often, I knew they were necessary to put into a course…



These 8 core elements are simple to understand and easy to implement.  I designed it that way, intentionally.  To build a team that’s going to help build your company needs to be a task that any business owner can do, quickly and thoroughly.  Again, what business owner do you know has an enormous amount of time to invest in building their perfect-fit team?


Hence, why I made this course a micro-course…

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