This course is succinct, thorough, and purposeful.

A lot of thought was put into “how to” help you build a team that will cause fewer headaches and more revenue.  That’s what all business owners want; don’t they?

If NOW is the time to take a powerful step in investing a little to gain a lot, click on the link below. In one quick step, you’ll have access to the toolkit needed to make intentional decisions on how to place your perfect-fit team members onto your perfect-fit team.  Every day you wait is one more headache to endure or one more client you might lose.  Choose that today is your first step in designing your ideal team.  You’ve got this Business Owner.  I won’t let you down!

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8 Steps to Creating Your Dream Team

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    Your Dream Team Testimonial : Madeline

    Barbara Maisonet is a leader in the field of business coaching. She has the unique ability of putting people at ease through her concise explanations that explain the how and why systems work in streamlining a business. Barbara’s 8-Steps to Building a Dream Team mini-course lays out a blueprint of how to establish a system within one’s business. I recommend her course to anyone looking for a cost-effective solution that will change the functionality of their business. I thought the course had a lot of helpful information! I do think it would be helpful to have a weekly follow up call/1:1 coaching for systems. I think it’s challenging to develop by oneself, even if there are step by steps. I could see this being an add-on service.


    Best wishes and thank you again, M

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