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My Why.

This past week I have been really focusing on my "why". Why I started this healthy me journey. Why I decided to become a Beachbody Coach.

When I was 11 years old and in 5th grade I weighed 175lbs. That's a lot of weight for a kid that age. I had great friends and wasn't made fun of too much. But there was one incident that happened that has been permanently burned into my mind. My mom gave me the courage to ask out a boy whom I had a crush on to an upcoming dance. When I asked him if he wanted to go instead of just saying no he responded with

"Hell No! Who would go out with a Fat Pig like You?"

The day seemed to last forever but once it was finally over and I was safe in my home I told my mom everything. I broke down. She felt responsible because she gave me the courage and strength to do it and she never thought that this KID would rip away and tear it down.

She took me to see a nutritionist who gave me the right tools, who taught me about food and exercise and challenged me. From that time and over the summer I lost 40lbs! I went back to school to start 6th grade as a whole new person. I remember exactly what I wore and how excited I was to start back.

There are a lot of other weight issues I faced from then to now, always trying to not be that "fat pig" but I'm going to fast forward to 4 months ago when I finally decided to do something. See I hit 174lbs and my pants were all tight. I was wearing little sweaters to cover my arms. I was eating unhealthy and just letting stress take over. I messaged my coach Kirstin, finally deciding that I was going to do a challenge group. I figured I had nothing to lose (100% money back guarantee). My husband was (is) deployed and I thought it would be great to lose this weight before he got home.

But after this week's Beachbody training I've realized that all though this was some motivation it wasn't the TRUE reason. You see my son goes to the same elementary school that I went to. Reaching that number on the scale that was so close to where that 11 year old girl was scared me. It brought back all of those memories of that comment that shaped my view of my body that I carried (carry) all this time. I can walk you over to the exact area that he spoke those words to me. I did not want to be that girl again. I decided I wasn't going to let myself go there again.

I took the plunge and ordered the 21 Day Fix Challenge pack and joined a challenge group. Here I am 4 months later. I've lost 15lbs and almost 15 inches over all. I am on my health journey and I'm enjoying inspiring others. I get to give them the motivation to do something, to get up and push play, to eat healthier, to realize that it's a one day at a time process, to realize that someone cares, I care! No one should be that little girl that got torn down. Everyone should be that person who stands up. Who cares enough about themselves to do something? You are important and you matter!

About Erika

Erika Clark is a born and raised San Diego girl. She is a mom to two awesome kids and married to a United States Marine. She attended Mesa College and Cal State San Marcos where she majored in Liberal Arts. Her goal was to become an elementary school teacher; however she ended up working in retail holding upper management positions.

She is currently a stay at home mom enjoying being able to work from home on her own time. Erika recently started her own health and fitness journey leading her to become a coach with Beachbody. By becoming a coach she has been able to support and motivate others in achieving their own goals. During this journey she has been able to dig deep and discover her “why”. She enjoys clean eating and working out. When she is not doing those you can find her taxiing her kids around, volunteering at her son’s school, cooking, spending time with her friends and family, and enjoying her children’s laughter.

Please feel free to contact her with any questions about her health journey, the programs she is doing or about her “why”.

Erika Clark

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