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  • Enable you to manage your time more efficiently

  • Teach you how to say NO (to others & yes to you)

  • Learn how to better communicate your needs to others

  • Identify your goals and learn how to follow-thru

  • Learn how to stop People Pleasing or be a Procrastinator

  • Create new awareness around habits that are hurting you and your future

  • Become aware of where you take things personally and what that's costing you and your loved ones

This option is for those tired of living anything less than exactly what they were created to be. You get me- asking the questions to allow you to forgive, let go, change, learn and grow (In no particular order). If you want profound and life-lasting transformation, the individual coaching program is for you.  Since you are the common denominator in your own life, in this program we will work on both you, personally, as well as, you professionally (if applicable).  I have never been able to understand how one works on business without working on the person IN the business.  With me, you get both.  There’s no “to do” lists; there are “what’s not working that I’m ready to change” lists…

One on One Coaching

What you'll take away from these sessions